1. First of all, list all your released works with brief description of each one and, maybe, present us some history/bio of person named Meldhkwis.

   Well i released more than 40 works and to describle each of them would be too long for an usual interview. For those interested in this there is an analysis of my published works till 2006 in the Portal of Dawn zine #2 by LordWierd (from Terrorgoat/Kaniba). But this is a list of all my rituals:


Composition list in Chronological order : 

pre Aymrev Erkroz Prevre 3 min track 
Aymrev Erkroz Prevre Demo 1 
Aymrev Erkroz Prevre alternate version of track 1 
Aymrev Erkroz Prevre Demo 2 
Ouverture of the Christicide Demo I 
Etmenns Derokwis Hra-uu 
pre-Dapnom unnamed track 
Dapnom Regwoisvokwos Gwhenmi Welminti 
Etmenns Derokwis Untitled track 
Etmenns Derokwis Untitled track II 
Dapnom Dvoeskreb 
Dapnom Melenoiserkwos 
Dapnom ...Unio Mystica 
Dapnom 1951-N "Black Abstract Expressionism" 
Dapnom Potestatem 
Dapnom De Profundis 
Dapnom z2->z+c 
Dapnom Potestatem De Profundis … 
Etmenns Derokwis Antapex of Suffer 
Dapnom Enifubos 
Dapnom Tombeau sur le nom de Scriabine (a.p.0) 
Dapnom Ert Brvueazv 0 (a.p.I) 
Dapnom Dvoeskreb new longer version 
Dapnom Melenoiserkwos new longer version 
Dapnom c16h12fn2o3 pre version 
Dapnom c16h12fn2o3 (a.p.II) 
Aymrev Erkroz Prevre Enifubos... 
Aymrev Erkroz Prevre Nos'leh Cifnoy-raam 
Aymrev Erkroz Prevre ...kaiwelos 
Dapnom S'oho... Aiy uhe en-oghg (a.p.III) 
Dapnom Antapex (a.p.S) 
Aymrev Erkroz Prevre g6k2 Klrk 
Dapnom De Profundis 2 ( pre Verklart Nacht ) 
Dapnom Verklart Nacht 
Dapnom De Profundis... cd version totally recomposed 20 min longer than De Profundis the demo 
Dapnom Qliphoth 
AEP Haec inivstitia obmixta a principibvs peccatorvm 
Midtro for the Diabolum vincit omnias Demo I 
AEP Marecage 
Dapnom Todestrieb 
Dapnom “SD” 
AEP Kaniba split part 
AEP Til Helvete 
AEP Harawata no Shouki 
AEP Ain 
AEP Kamarupa 
AEP Bardo 
Set-Heru & Meldhkwis : betwixt the words of the dark grammar...lies the gate of the secret horizon 
AEP Pisachas 
Dapnom … Unio Mystica Side B 
AEP Kundalini 
AEP Kamarupa II 
AEP Tiomnye Ogni 
Etmenns Derokwis Demo III 
AEP Hexakosioihexekontahexaphilia 
AEP Les Montagnes Hallucinees 
AEP. Noir voyage obstrue de rencontres difformes 
Dapnom Chaos 
AEP pre version of 1011.1000.111 
[D]. & Meldhkwis : unnamed project 
Dapnom Fegefeuer 
AEP Myrrha 
Dapnom Datura 
AEP Myrrha II 
Dapnom Post Mortem 
Dapnom Post Mortem II 
AEP pre version of 100.1100.110 
AEP pre version of 10.101.1100 
AEP Kamarupa III 
AEP Acedie album 
Collaboration in a Hyporthermia album to come at THR 
Dapnom SD II 
Dapnom Crepuscule 
Dapnom Todestrieb II 
Dapnom Baalberith 
Dapnom Ominium Finis imminent opus 2 sideB 
AEP Desolation 
AEP The punishment of Myrrha 
Dapnom Edicius 



demo 1 ( autoprod ) 
demo 2 ( autoprod ) 
demos 1 + 2 MC ( Todestrieb records ) 
Nommam Erytz split MC ( Meurtre Noir rec ) 
Taog Susej split MC ( Meurtre Noir rec ) 
Stigma Diabolicum split MC ( Insikt ) 
Kaniba split MC ( Fogart Production ) 
Abstrakt Torment split MC ( Tour de Garde ) 
Black Seas Of Infinity split MC( Ravenheart ) 
MH LMTH split mc/cdr(Art of Anticreation/Symbollic prod) 
Noir voyage obstrue de rencontres difformes MC ( Infernal Kommando ) 
Les Montagnes Hallucinees cdr ( Occultum Production ) 

Next release : 

Black Seas Of Infinity split cd ( Sonic Tyranny rec ) 
YMESH split MC/cdr ( DiscoNihil/Ahdistuksenaihio ) 
Mons Veneris split Lp ( Winterreich ) 
Mons Veneris split MC ( Insikt ) 
Acedie Album ( Autumn Wind prod ) 
Camisole split 
Vinterriket split Cd Asphyxiate recordings GatfoldLP ( Fogart records ) 
Vanargandr split Cd ( Sonic Tyrrany rec ) 


Dvoeskreb MC ( autoprod ) 
Melenoiserkwos MC ( autoprod ) 
De Profundis MC ( Antihumanism Rec ) 
1951-N "Black Abstract Expressionism" MC ( Insidious Poisoning rec ) 
Dvoeskreb ( the 2005 version ) MC ( Meurtre Noir Rec ) 
« 0 » MC ( Sadolust records ) 
Melenoiserkwos ( the 2005 version )MC ( Basilisk rec ) 
Regwoisvokwos Gwhenmi Welminti MC ( Necrocosm records ) official release of the autoproduced 2004 tape 
Ert Brvueazv 0 (a.p.I) MC ( Gravestench ) 
S'oho... Aiy uhe en-oghg (a.p.III) MC ( Satanic Propaganda rec ) 
Verklart Nacht cd ( Sonic Tyranny ) 
Potestatem 6MC Box set ( Akedia Rex ) 
Actes Prealables cd ( IPR ) 
...Unio Mystica MC ( Ars Funebris ) original artwork 
Baalberith in the Pseudomonarchia serie( Bone structure ) 
Makai MC ( Sabbathid Recs ) 

Next releases : 

Melek-Tha split 2cd ( Ajna ) 
Le Dieu Noir de la Demence album ( Ajna ) 
C16H12Fn2O3 (a.p.II) MC ( Dunkelweg Productions ) 
“SD” ( concepual release )2MC ( Necrocosm ) 
“SD” II ( conceptual release ) 2mcd/LP ( SPR / Sonic Tyranny ) 
Taog Susej / Beyond Asyleum / Nommam Erytz split cdr/tape ( Bone Structure / Divinus Solitudo Productions ) 
...Unio Mystica MC ( Molehill rec special japanese edition ) 
Verklart Nacht MC ( SPR ) 
s/t DVD ( Ajna ) 
Atomtrakt split cd 
Vanargandr split ep 

Etmenns Derokwis 

Hra-uu MC ( Offering records ) 
Antapex of Suffer MC ( Offering Rec ) 
demo 1+2 MC 2005 ( Tour de Garde ) 

Next releases : 

Etmenns Derokwis / Gehangter Jude MC ( Gravestench records ) 


Ouverture for the Christicide Demo ( Offering Records ) MC2004 
Mind Control cdr / cd ( with a bonus track ) ( ZBT prod / Sonic Tyrrany ) 
Intro for the Diabolum vincit omnias Demo “The Heralds of the Devil” ( SPR ) 
Collaboration in a Hyporthermia album to come at THR 
Speech of goat vol1 ( goatowarex ) 
Attrition Contrition ( Offering prod ) 
Le Mal Dominant ( Bone Structure ) 
Compliation tape of Folterkammer Records 
Morbid Tunes of the Black Angels part 8 ( the way of force ) 
Actes Prealables 6MC boxset

   2. Do you use any psychoactive substances during composition/recording? What is your favourite one? What is your opinion about psychoactive stuff in general?

   I don't use those for composing. At the very begining, to "let "me" go" (as it will better understood why after reading the next question) and to free me also from monotony and futile things, i used a total and complete starvation for a lot of days (no drink and eat till my composition was acheived). As you know, this is how most of the mystics came to meditation, since the body begin to be weaker, the brain accelerate more and more, and you feel like being on another planet or virtually flying. For composing it was great; but now i don't need it anymore. As you might have understood, the starvation effect can almost be assimilated with some drugs effects.

   3. Don't you feel that something non-human stands behind your creativity?

   Absolutely. Since childhood i allways felt that an evil spirit was inside me. With years i, like everybody in the same case, hated it, loved it, understood it or despise it, try to curse it or worshipping it... It's pretty hard to live with something you never wanted to, and also to understand the reason of its presence. This thing is connected directly to Him and it is Meldhkwis. Meldhkwis is of course a diminutive of his long past name when, very long ago he was still alive and, as a Grand Priest of Chaos (or Clahbaam as in the antediluvian time they called Him), this is why to describled it i did not used the word "demon". My music directly inspired by this spirit is a musical and abstract reproduction of what his rituals were. This is why i never published pictures of myself simply because i felt that i am physically not the one who compose, and that from this rotten dark thing that was allways deep inside me. This is not to be compared with a pseudo Mr Hide complex, since when i listen to my own music i can feel that he is materialising and came out of my own body and soul. And if the listerers would meditate deeply with those sounds, they could also feel Its materialisation. Music/Rituals as fot It, a way to propagate like a virus.
   This is also why some of you criticise me about my big production. As Gregorian songs or Cantatas, there are hundreds of them, simply because all rituals/celebrations are differents.

   4. What do you think about religion? Are you religious person?

   Religions are the roots of all civilisations and so one of the best reason for wars, tortures and rapes. Religion are no fun, religion endange and destroy the lives of millions, it should never stop. Meldhkwis supports the Never Stop the Religious Madness campain. Yes i am a religious person, my music is a way to propagate my belives and to evangelize the most.

   5. What is your relationship with the occult? Do you practise and if so tell us please about your magickal researches.

   My music is totally influenced by it, and at the very first, i used to saw it as a musical tool for occult meditation and rituals. On my side my researches had been mostly influenced by Blavatsky and the theosophists. Unfortunately in those days i am too over busy to do a deep and meaningfull ritual.

   6. What is the most special audio work of Meldhkwis?

   Well all my materials are more or less "special", but i must confess that the "SD" one at Necrocosm.org is the most "strange" and conceptual of my release (i even give some keys of understanding in French).

   7. What do you think about Black Metal? Can you explain enormous boom of dark non-metal music within BM-related circles?

   I absolutely can't, i never bothered myself so much with it. Last years i was reclusive, trying the best i can to deep, analyse, catalize all my visions and ideas.
   Of course i feel that some years ago there were less side projects, at those time, doing those Black Offering was not appreciated at all. Now things seems to have changed, but, like everybody, i hope that it won't become a new trend.
   For BM i will only say clichés. It has to be related with Satanism or one of His manifestation (self destruction, murders, all kind of perversion...) This is a music of satanic propaganda.

   8. What is Satanism? Are you Satanist?

   There is not a single definition of it. Each person has his own definition, each is a face of His kaleidoscopic majesty. Well you will find an answer of this in my music.

   9. How old are you? (if it's not a great secret)

   Not at all, i am turning 30.

   10. What's your opinion about the following persons?:

   a) Adolf Hitler

   This one won't be forgotten, how can you skip the one who killed so much people, changed the face of the earth etc etc. With a so impressive destiny, he died like a rat.

   b) Aleister Crowley

   His occult research and his life were both facinating, he really influenced a lot on the XX century.

   ñ) Anton LaVey

   His "bible" is to my eyes pure crap, his church worthless. LaVey's Satan, another excuse for orgies.

   d) Varg Vikernes

   He really composed great albums, but in same time, he is one of the cause of the decay of real worshipping BM. Now he became something pretty ridiculous, his escape was really laughable.

   e) Osama bin Laden

   Don't know if he is still alive or not, but he is also one of the few that will be remembered, pushing terrorism acts to yet unknown perspectives and cancelling the US supremacy. Like a mad dog that bit his master hand, he instaured a new age of chaos and un-determinism (more or less like in the Cold War).

   f) Charles Manson

   Well i am not a great fan of his music, but serial killers, anthropophagia, mass murderers are very facinating, and, unlike what the common belives, they are far from being simple minded.

   g) GG Allin

   I don't know well his works and life, so i can't comment it.

   11. Tell as stricktly as possible - what is the goal of all your activities?

   If i should answer, as you requested, simply and without details, i can doubtlessly say that, if there is at least one person, influenced by my sound, comit suicide, my goal is achieved .

   12. Well, just list your favourites in music, cinema, writing etc.

   Scriabin, Roslavetz, Sorabji, Wyschnegradsky, Arvo Part, Penderecki, Takemitsu, Boulez, Bayle, Liszt, Berio, Scelsi, Molossof, Parmegiani, Ferrari, Stockhausen, Bohren and the Club of Gore, Chu Ishikawa, Clyfford Still, Pollock, Bacon, Poliakoff, Hermann Nitsch, Schoffer, Malina, Giacometti, Giger, Antoine d’Agata, Sarah Moon, Tsurisaki Kiyotaka, Witkin, Gunter Brus, Dr Gunther Von Hagens,Antonin Artaud, Cioran, Beckett, Bavlatsky, Lovecraft, some videos such as works of Lynch, Bill Viola, Fischinger, Brakhage, Len Lye, Hans richter, Man Ray, old Bunuel, Viking Eggeling, Murnau, or some videos such as Aftermath, Nekromantik 1, Guinea's Pig1&2, Orozco el Embalsamador, 28 days after …, Deathspell Omega, the Black Legions material, Merrimack, Darvulia, Malhkebre, Christicide, Ancestral Fog, SVEST, Ondskapt, Ofermod, Antaeus, Clandestine Blaze, Blacklodge, Blut Aus Nord... the list is endless

   13. What is your relationship with Alcohol?

   Nothing exceptional here.

   14.Have you ever performed live? What do you think about gigs in noise/industrial subculture?

   I did not yet, but i am planning to do. Like every gigs they can be great or the total opposite. But here in France it is doubtless, the last real underground scene. This genre is far from being "popular" here. But the few into it are Real fans.

   15. What can you say about homosexual gang rape? Don't you think it's pretty good punishment? Or are you the follower of another pedagogical methods?

   Well i don't give a shit to gays. They did one thing great: spreading AIDS. Anyway i am against those pseudo pedagogical methods.

   16. Your last words...

   Why a last word? let's doors open

   Meldhkwis 2007

Interview by Fr.N. Laudes