1. First of all, introduce your band and label to our noble readers. What is the main reason of foundation and existence of KULTO MALDITO and DIABOLOUS Prod.?

   Hailz to all fukking warriors!!!, the reason for that Kulto Maldito live today is that I needed one evil weapon, one brutal fukking horde, where my ideas and my convictions are the law, only raw noize with raw blasphemies rules here, Kulto Maldito is the chainsaw in the hands of the Goat!!!.
   Some years ago I was have ready a work with other band, and the label not release our songs, is the reason for that I make Diabolous Productions, for release my works and of course, other satanik and bleeding acts of the world.

   2. Can you tell something interesting about living in Bolivia? What are the prices for drinks, drugs and sluts in your area? And what is your favorite kind of alcohol and drug? What is your favorite sexual position?

   The prices are very expensive for us, but maybe not for you, the bolivian money are in the floor jejeje, 8 bolivian coins = 1 american dollar, 1 beer = 1 dollar, 1 wisky bottle 15 dollars, the sluts 15 dollars by 1 orgasm, but the drugs have good prices here, we make the best kokaine in the world jejeje, 5 kokaine grams = 40 dollars, what you think?. [holy fuck! free cocaine! - ed.]
   I like very much beers and wisky with much tobacco, the koka is kool too!, about my favorite sexual position is doggy style, like the beast.

   3. All the lyrics of KULTO MALDITO are vomited in barbarian spanish. It sounds so fucking incredible but not completely understandable for non-spanish people. Are any english translations of your lyrics available? Don't you plan to use english translations on cover booklets of your future stuff?

   Yeah, I have translations of all Kulto Maldito lyrics, maybe in some other release I will include an english translation in the booklet.

   4. KULTO MALDITO means CULT OF EVIL (i hope i'm right). So, what is Evil Cult for you? What is Satanism for you? Do you worship Satan outside your metal band?

   The exactly translation is Damn Cult, but Cult of Evil is great too, I am a Satanik warrior all time, in my home, in the work, in the bed, the satanism give me the freedom and make me one with the infernal power, I take the decisions that I need without restrictions or some idiot moral, get all I wish when I need it, I am Satan, and Satan is Belial and Kulto Maldito is our damn reign.

   5. Why did you choose the name of Mighty Demonik King, 68-th Spirit of Goetia? What is your relationship with occult practices in general? Have you ever evocated Belial?

   I take the Belial’s name by that indentify me with the concept of his name, I am a demon without god, without laws, I am the rule and the way, Belial is one of the Hell's Lords, he’s represent the earth in the black magic [according to "Satanic Bible" - ed.], I am Belial… fukking Lord of this damn world!!!.

   6. Fuck, how do you find so brilliant and almost unknown bands for your label? I am absolutely enchanted by turkish bands... What is the main criteria of bands you release?
   Is it possible, that Diabolous shall release US or maybe Sweden band in the future?

   Yeah, I support all satanik acts in the world, I need for my label only infernal hordes, raw sounds, maniac ideas, blood and grotesque horror!!!, if are satanik hordes is better for me, but I like very much of the gore too, I like the dirty riffs and the explicit lyrics, if some horde have this qualities in the world and need a label 666% honest… write me now!!!.

   7. What can you say about religious Devilworshipping current in Black Metal? Are you religious person? What do you think about religion in general?

   No, the religious life is for the idiots, for the robots, only the black freedom and the power is real, the satanism is personal, not for groups, I hate all religions, I hate the people that follow religions, I am my god and my slayer.

   8. List your favorite bands/books/movies.

   I liked all south american fukking bands that marked my soul in the past, bands like Sarcófago, Holocausto, Chakal, Mutilator, Sextrash, Vulcano etc, etc, I liked the true old hordes in the world too like Sodom, Destruction, Venom, Slayer, Celtic Frost. Etc, etc, I like the true heavy metal aarrgghh like the first W.A.S.P., Motörhead, Baron Rojo, The first Luzbel, etc etc. Books mmm, really I don’t read much; I have some texts of black magic, some witch tales, some satanik manuscripts.
   I like the gore movies. Psycho movies, the japanese evil films too, and of course the porn movies, not videos, the italian movies are greats!!!

   9. Do you celebrate September the 11th? What is your opinion about mass murders, terror acts and similar sweet stuff?

   September 11th is a normal day for me, the people die all days, some people have radical ideas, and kill other people for these ideas, the terror acts not have effect in me, and in the past I make some terror acts in my city too.

   10. What are the future plans of your label and band?

   In this time we finish the recordings of our first CD album (“Kulto a la Bestia”), 1 intro + 8 new songs, all unpublished songs, this work will be released by Obliteration records from Japan in some months more. I sent 1 new song for a 10 way 12” split, 10 hordes with 1 unpublished song under Calabozo records from Spain.
   In this moment I make new songs for our first 7” EP, 3 or 4 new songs, this 7” will be released by the Legion Of Death records from France, and I check some other songs for other 7” for the next year.
   In Diabolous Productions I release 2 new shirts, Ravendark’s Monarchal Canticle, and Death Skull, in the end of this year I will release some other tapes, a Colombian raw black metal split, maybe some other Brazilian hordes, I have much work this fukking months, aaarrrggghhh!!!.

   11. How old are you? (If it’s not a secret)

   JAJAJA, is not a secret, I have 32 years and I will have 33 years old in January 2008.

   12. What do you think about the following persons?

   a) Adolf Hitler

   An ambitious man with vision and attitude.

   b) Aleister Crowley

   A magic man with attitude and perseverance.

   ń) Anton LaVey


   d) Euronymous

   The unique true man in the Mayhem’s history.

   e) Varg Vikernes


   13. Let's indulge in fantasies a little. Visualize Bolivia totally engulfed in anarchy. No police, no authority, no law. What will you do in this situation first of all?

   FUKK!!!, all people like me? ¿Without authority? Total chaos and psychosis?, i will need 2 fukking guns man.

   14. Have you ever performed live? What do you think about gigs in Black Metal?

   Yeah, we play at live desecrations some times, only raw and chaotic noise, not fire, or this things, only 4 maniacs playing a fukking death black metal!!!.

   15. Almost all of your releases are limited to 501 copies. Why exactly this number?

   I release in 301 and 401 too, I need 1 copy for me and the rest for spread the Diabolous Productions pest.

   16. Do you listen to some kind of music except metal? What do you think about ambient and jazz stuff?

   Not listen other music, only metal, I don’t like the ambient, and the jazz is interesting but not is for me.

   17. What can you say about homosexual gang rape? Don’t you think it’s pretty good punishment? Or are you the follower of another pedagogical methods?

   Yeah man, is an option, I don’t have problems with this punishment.

   18. Finish this interview any fuckin' way you want.

   666 Hailz to you war brother, for the support, the interest in Kulto Maldito and Diabolous Productions.
   If some warrior or horde have interest in some contact, only write to our mail or address, in but cases will be obtain a answer.


kulto_maldito@hotmail.com      www.kultomaldito.tk

diabolous@gmail.com      www.diabolousproductions.info


Interview by Fr. N. Laudes