1. Let us fucking start with standard question. What is the main motive and goal of your creativity within Kratornas?

   Individualism. Doing what I want and learning from my own mistakes. I don’t like depending on someone else. I want to see myself removed from the system and oppose the majority. Solitude makes me breed the negative all the time and it’s a good way of being productive. Thus, self-improvement will always be given the highest value. Kratornas wasn’t meant for competition, ‘rivalry’ or striving hard to be the kings and queens of this and that is simply pathetic! Kratornas is all about self-fulfillment, that’s all about it. If this band has made its purpose ON ME, I’ll be glad putting it to rest and that is almost what is happening now.

   2. What are the special reasons of your hatred to Philippines?

   I haven’t said that… but maybe, I did about 10 years ago… or have I said it again today? I don’t know. Philippines always have a fluctuating economical climate. No one knows what will be happening tomorrow. Nothing’s special. This ‘hatred’ is simply too common among REAL Filipinos who are left in this country witnessing all these depravity happen. All those who escape can fuck off and may there will be determined racial hatred to get them all back here in their native country as a cargo and not as a walking human anymore. News like that were always good things to watch.

   3. What is your favourite kind of drug? Tell us about prices in your area.

   The very last time I’ve used crack was 1999. I’ve stopped by 1997. There’s an occasional situations that were ‘ok’ back then but after that, I’ve totally stopped. It’s a waste of cash! A gram of crack will cost you $20 USD, but that is an old price (’97). No idea how much they cost by now…


   "War and face my bloodshed
   Satan, killing the holy one
   Blood of eternal hatred
   Armaments of Sadism
   Wrath and eternal torture
   From Satan!"
   (KRATORNAS "Armaments Of Sadism")

   "I'm not a Satanist." (from your intie to Explosion Cerebral 'zine)

   So mother fucking strange... I always wonder about not-satanists that write Satanic lyrics. Do you see your lyrics as simply traditional for metal music and kinda joke or are there any deeper reasons for you to operate with Satanic stuff? What do the following word combinations mean for you: "Goatlust", "Goatworship"?

   That song was written in 1998 and this interview with Explosion Cerebral happens this 2007. What I can’t understand is that, why is it important for people to ask me things that happened 10 years ago? Anyway, answering the question, I don’t think that lyrics in there were ‘satanic’. Not just because there’s a word ‘Satan’ in there it already is ‘Satanic’. I can mention in there ‘Jesus’ or ‘Allah’ and it would equally mean the same thing. Funny thing I didn’t, koz that would be like making egg sandwich with no eggs but instead putting bacons in them! The concept behind ‘Battledemons’ is simply about the people going to a real global conflict and nothing more. Thus, metaphors were used to make those visions appropriately revealing.
   Realm of Goatlust is the demo that I’ve made when I was 15 years old, and it’s NOT satanic either. It discusses Nuns being sodomized in a church. ‘Goatworship’ is more into referring the other band than Kratornas itself. This is a split, I always wanted to be the 2nd band. Same thing with the split with Greecian Goatvomit where there is this ‘Atomic Bomb’ photo in the back of the cassette and people ask me “what’s up with this bomb explosion? you’ve told me that Kratornas is not about nuclear bombs, etc etc…”

   5. "Kratornas is Barbaric Death Metal, not Black Metal!" Do you agree, that only Satanists have right to perform Black Metal?

   That is what I’m talking about. Without Satanism, Black Metal is nothing. Any of this Christian Black Metal or so claimed ‘Satanic Black Metal’ with Christian members in real life is nothing but a big joke ever happened to this milieu.

   6. List your favourite bands/albums, movies, books.

   I don’t know exactly what the big relevance of this question among interviews is but here are those that I can remember (for now):

   - BATHORY First 4 albums
   - UNLEASHED “Where No Life Dwells”
   - MORBID ANGEL “Abominations of Desolation”
   - BLASPHEMY “Fallen Angel of Doom”
   - MARDUK First 4 albums
   - SARCOFAGO “Rotting”, “INRI”
   - MERCYFUL FATE Just love them!
   - No books, No movies to mention. Both of these just come and go to me.

   7. The message of Kratornas is "biblical chaos, darkness and evil". Can you, as not Satanist, explain the meaning of these words? Have you ever met "evil" in your life?

   Evil to me is not about red reptilian demons holding a pitchfork laughing so loud. Let’s clear things up: I AM NOT A SATANIST, NOT A JEW, NOT A MUSLIM, CHRISTIAN, MORMON, FARMER (better known as Atheists among grocery store discussions), BUDDHIST or just WHATEVER are those. Yes, I have met “evil” in real life (1996-1998, nothing but trouble), but I’ve never been to jail. Three of my NON-SATANIC relatives killed people recently, and got caught because of such brainless actions. That’s not ‘evil’. That’s STUPIDITY! Everybody can do that. Anyway, I will be staying away from ‘Biblical Chaos’ in the next stuff because I could only be misunderstood once again. People always had great difficulties dealing with my opinions but that’s okay, just keep the questions coming…

   8. I know, you're tired of such a question, but... How the name of your band came up to your mind? And what is the fucking meaning of it?? I don't believe that it is just a random combination of letters.

   Well, it is ONLY a random combination of letters. That’s all and there into it.

   9. What is your opinion about religion in general? Is it the link to the Highest Power or crutches for the weak? What do you think about religious Black Metal current? (Bands like Gelida Obscuritas, Watain, Ondskapt, Funeral Mist, Deathspell Omega...?)

   Religion is great. It enslaves people. It makes them suffer and some are even willing to die for those gods they worshipped. Isn’t that nice? Some of these fanatics already become as a threat to society now! I’m not against to those people who bring misery upon mankind. These bands you mentioned were the real WORTHY ones who have anything to represent on what True Black Metal is all about. As for me, I am simply far content to sit back and watch the world fell apart…

   10. What do you think about the following persons?

   a) Adolf Hitler

   b) Aleister Crowley

   ñ) Anton LaVey

   d) Euronymous

   e) Varg Vikernes

   I don’t have to elaborate one by one. All I can say is that they’ve made their own part. They’ve influenced a lot of people. I’ve read some of the written works, and this is Philippines, most of the statements written was interesting, but is not applicable in my real world, so it’s all useless.

   11. What is your relationship with Alcohol? Any abnormal drinking life-story worth to be mentioned here?

   I’ve never been an alcoholic person. I prefer sniffing grams of crack way back then than doing this ‘abnormal drinking’ that makes someone sober and even a comedian later on when gone extremely drunk. I’m a restless person and always on the move. Speed is my thing [yeah, speed ruleth! - ed.]. Sleeping long hours, getting drunk and doing nothing were really not an interest to me.

   12. How old are you? (if it's not a secret)

   28. Yeah, I’m getting old…

   13. What do you think about magick? Do you perform rituals? What about sex magick?

   Magic to me is only use to overcome physical limits that humans are not capable of. This is very appealing, but I am just not into it (again). I have made some ‘magic’ in the past but only visual patterns and not the real ‘magic’ or doing ‘rituals’ that you are trying to talk about. I live with the real world. I made mistakes, but that doesn’t stop me on what I do.

   14. Do you listen to some music except metal? Classic or industrial stuff maybe? What do you think about jazz music?

   Isn’t that these genres you’ve just mentioned is now being merged with Metal by some bands nowadays? I am not into real Jazz or Classical. The only way I can listen to other genre is when I am buying personal supplies on a mall where the mall plays all these radio friendly bullshit that I can’t escape! Otherwise, the only ‘non-metal’ genre I could have REALLY listened would be Joe Satriani, Eric Johnson, Gary Moore, John Norum and the likes while driving long hours…

   15. Is Quorthon in valhalla or in Hell? Once you said, that Quorthon is demi-god for you. So, who is god? Maybe Lemmy or Rob Halford?

   Valhalla, Heaven and Hell were just mere illusions. So literally, I don’t know where he is. About me saying Qourthon is a demi-god also happened 10 years ago, what then? Lemmy is an icon, but he’s not a ‘god’. They’re all demi-gods or say HUMANS with great achievements. They will die sooner or later, just like anybody else. IF IT BLEEDS, WE CAN KILL IT!

   16. Tell about your future plans.

   I don’t make any plans because there are really no big agendas meant for this ‘project’. What comes around, comes around…

   17. What can you say about homosexual gang rape? Don't you think it's pretty good punishment? Or are you the follower of another pedagogical methods?

   What do you mean? Being raped by homos?? That’s just sick! Or maybe you’re talking about homos being raped by drunk scumbags? Well, all I know is that they’re both getting even with those attacks. Nobody cares. I don’t have any other methods to follow. The 3rd Reich has already done a great job on those, so there’s nothing more to elaborate.

   18. Thanx for your time and finish any way you want.

   Thank you.

Interview by Fr.N. Laudes