EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with Vidar "Voidar" Ermesjø

   1. First of all, introduce your band to our readers. What are the main reasons of HJARNIDAUDI's foundation and existence?

   The main reason for HJARNIDAUDI's foundation and existence is merely for my personal well being. The more I conceive with it the better. "HJARNIDAUDI" is just a banner, a banner that used to be "Hlidolf". I recognized the need to let the past be so that I could explore new ideas as time and artistic progression had ran its course.
   So HJARNIDAUDI's foundation was a mere fresh breeze which came sudden and seemingly out of nowhere. What was supposed to be Hlidolf's "V02D" eventually became HJARNIDAUDI's "Pain:Noise:March", if you find that plausible.

   2. Your music greatly expresses total emptiness, despair, tragedy, mental stupor and deep depression of catatonik syndrome' victim. Fucking sonic lobotomy and coma visions! How do you reach such states of mind for composition? Do you use some special substances? ("Pain:Noise:March" + a bit of hash transform me into pure breathing vegetable for hours incredible feelings!)

   Well, thank you. That put a big smile on my face.
   I find my creativity to emerge at night when logic sleeps and the creator awakens. Being your own producer means you have to operate complex machinery, so I feel I need to be in a sober state yet have this night-induced creativity kick me over the edge. Any special substance-intake would most likely compromise one of these mechanisms. It's just not the way I am used to working.

   3. Have you ever performed with live line-up and what do you think about gigs in general? Would you like to play live in asylum??

   I take it your question is meant in regards to HJARNIDAUDI, in which I have to say no. In fact, I am having a hard time imagining how it would go about. Surely, I do have visions of it, but the practical stuff matters too.
   Gigs, concerts or whatever are fine. I've had some great experiences with live music throughout the years.
   As for venue or audience; I don't think it would matter much as I feel I would be performing for my own interest. Whether people want to or are forced to watch should have no impact on this.

   4. Stupid standard question, but i have no choice: list your favourite bands/books/movies/etc.

   ... and a hard one it is to answer. I don't like to be very direct in my answers really, but as for music, I guess Burzum, Esoteric, Uncertainty Principle; well, the list can go on you know; always will have a special place in my mind.
   I listen to various musical groups/composers spanning through various genres.
   I am not much of a reader of books. Never was, but I find some information here and there and piece my own reality together. I guess I prefere science-fiction, Lovecraftian horror, real-world mysteries etc.
   Regarding movies, or rather series, I'm into a lot of dark and bizzare comedy. "The League of Gentlemen" and "Funland" initially springs to mind.

   5. What can you say about religion? Are you religious person? Tell us about your spiritual ideals and values.

   As of lately I feel incapable of saying much about religion at all. I've been closing myself off as a person for years now in regards to questions towards religion, which I now have come to find quite trivial.
   I do find most aspects of religion at odds with my own personae, but still I can understand what drives others.
   I would call myself a spiritual person, but as of my ideals and values, I don't know anymore. I've found myself breaching most of them over the later years. However, there is always atavism. (One can hope?)

   6. What do you think about Satanism and Black Metal?

   The direct Satanism expressed in Black Metal never appealed to me. What appealed and what appeals to me is occultism and fantasy. Show me some creativity and I might lend you an eye or an ear.

   7. What do you think about the following persons?

   Oh, fun.

   a) Adolf Hitler

   What springs to mind is the cocktail of drugs he was administered by his physician from '42 and onwards.

   b) Aleister Crowley


   ) Anton LaVey


   d) Marquis de Sade

   Hedonist. He surely must have had much use for his hereditary title.

   e) Charles Manson

   Surely an interesting character in the study of anti-social behavour.

   f) Osama bin Laden

   I think most people might be giving this guy too much credit, but he has definitely become a modern day icon of x; a demigod; more so than a real person.
   To exist in the eyes of others rather than your own, so to speak.

   g) Varg Vikernes

   Creator of Burzum. Much praise goes to him.

   8. What are your future plans?

   As for HJARNIDAUDI, I plan on its continuation. I feel it is a much more solid entity than my previous efforts.

   9. How old are you? (if it's not a secret)

   Surely no secret.
   I became 26 years old this 11th of August. Gifts are welcome.

   10. What is your relationship with Alcohol? Any abnormal drinking life-story worth to be mentioned here?

   I do enjoy a glass or two (pun intended) of alcoholic beverages. Be it beers, ales, wine, brandy or whisky. As for abnormal drinking life-stories, I might have some in the future perhaps? I might have some tales now without knowing. The important part is to realize that you do...
   Anyway, I guess alcohol has been a part of my life in many a social activity.

   11. What do you think about occultism? Do you practice the occult?

   It is surely an interesting topic, but I have yet to really practice it, by any form of manual. Not intentionally anyway.

   12. Do you have any musical activities besides HJARNIDAUDI? Details, please...

   I currently play guitars in a slam/death/grind band called Kraanium. Try http://myspace.com/kraanium for details.
   I'd like to do other forms of music in the future too, like electro/trip hop and psytrance i.e.

   13. Can you say some words about HJARNIDAUDI's new work "Psyko:Stare:Void" ? Are there any significant differences between it and "Pain Noise March"? (i hope, it still instrumental...)

   I basically recorded it during the same month, or proceeding month, of "Pain:Noise:March", so there will be a lot of similarities in sound and style. Still instrumental.
   It's nearing it's completion, which is good, as I'm getting tired of feeling that I'm forsaking the whole project. No need to worry though...

   14. Are you depressive individual in your everyday's life or are you just a "normal" person outside HJARNIDAUDI's activity?

   I guess I "mimic" a normal person in day-to-day life, and in many ways I am one too. I have to work, I have to pay rent etc. But I can assure you that HJARNIDAUDI is very sincere and personal.

   15. What do you think about gothic subculture?

   It once sparked my curiosity, and I guess I do have friends who interact with it occationally. They do seem to appreciate aesthetics and the finer things of life. They might even be cleaner and more hygenic than most people. I like people who take care of their physical appearance.
   But of course, it can be overdone.

   16. What do you think about such a noble thing as suicide? Any plans maybe?

   Surely any intellectual being in this day and age must have considered not wanting to hang around anymore. Though as much as my mind might torture me, I do occationally enjoy my life too, so there are no immediate plans.
   I would not agree suicide being of the nobler things as a general rule. Though the Roman notion of self-inflicted death is pretty noble in my eyes. It's all in the ritual.

   17. What can you say about homosexual gang rape? Don't you think it's pretty good punishment? Or are you the follower of another pedagogical methods?

   But does it necessarily have to be homosexual? Perhaps only in appearance. I would say it must be a rather emasculating experience for the one being punished.

   18. Thanx for your time and finish this interview any way you want.

   Thank you for helping me spread this cancer.

Interview by Fr. N. Laudes