1. What is the main goal of your band?

   The main goal of the band is to follow the path of the spiritual and mystical Black Lodge and witness its arcanes in extreme music.

   2. SolarKult. Are you followers of solar cult? How do you see the place of solar cults within Satanism in general and Black Metal in particular?

   The Solar Cult is a mystic fascination for the enlightenment through forbidden knowledge and cursed revelations. This ecstatic trance is consequent to self destruction. At the border of death, when you are close to non existence, one can see suddenly the forbidden light of the Angels and steal it back to life in a Promethean process. The Sun is there the symbol of Lucifer, another side of SataN, the greatest of the Angels. The use of psychoactive substances is the demonic process to reach this light again in special ceremonies. This cult also celebrates the rising of the technological Empire. His scientific arrogance leads in a faustian passion to the unleashing of the nuclear energy. Power of the sun, to transform all the humanity in pure light and conclude history. The SolarKult is connected to Satanism because it is a modern celebration of the Apocalypse to come, and because it is violating natural laws. This cult uses black metal medium to spread, because this music combines violence and a certain sense of mysticism.

   3. What is your favourite psychoactive substance?

   LSD. None substance has change my life as much as LSD. It gives you the Vision of Truth. My mission is to use my life to draw this vision through Art. And this vision is an Apocalypse.

   4. Have you seen David Lynch's work "Disk of Sorrow"? If so, what feeling it arouses within thy mind? And what do you think about Lynch's cartoon series "Dumbland"?

   I'm not specially fan of "Dumbland". I didn't watch "Disk of Sorrow". I'm actually waiting the releasing of "INLAND EMPIRE", the trailer I saw was very promising.

   5. What can you say about devilworshipping current in Black Metal? Are you religious person?

   I'm not very satisfied with devil worshipping you can find in Black Metal. Most of the time it is quite empty, just a mimetic process to transfer cultural codes of bm. However, there are still excellent bands that have really something to say and to add for a deeper comprehension of the Black Divinity. I'm religious in my way, considering the importance I give to rituals, rites, signs and the search for transcendence.

   6. Please, comment the actual situation in France. I mean disturbances and revolutional stuff. There are many reports on russian TV about it and it looks nice...

   Ok, things are now down right now. Well, once again TV twisted reality I think. Of course all the world spoke about it and showed impressive pictures, like if they secretly wanted the situation to get worst. No, really, there is constant violence in French suburbs, and it was just a 2 weeks pic of activities. Unusual but not exceptional. I lived in those suburbs for years, and you have every week burning cars, so the "problem" is not new. I suspect more political manipulation of a situation than real threat of revolution. Sorry, it was just a show...

   7. Is antidrug-struggle-paranoia strong in your country? Have you got any related problems with police? And please, talk us about actual prices in your place (H, speed, LSD, XTC, hash.)

   "antidrug struggle paranoia" is strong in our country, as an European country. Of course the situation is far more extreme in some Asian countries for example, where you can finish in jail for a bit of hash, so in a way we can't totally complain, but...when you think of Holland...
   I had not much problems with police as I'm extremely careful with that. The only few time police caught me with drugs, they threathened me, for finally just stealing my stuff. I was quite lucky I guess. I had far worst problems with drugs in other countries as USA, where the fucking cops are really violent, it's not just in their fucking movies !
   Prices of the drugs are relative to the dealer you have, and the pressure of police in the area. The more the cops catch drugs, the more expensive they are...like if they were working with the dealers.

   8. Strange question: list your favourite musical bands/albums, movies, books.

   I don't feel like making such a list, as my preferences are fluctuating following my mood. I obviously appreciate very much David Lynch's work. Lately I read much of Aldous Huxley, Carlos Castaneda and Howard Bloom.

   9. What's your opinion about the following persons:

   a) Adolf Hitler

   One the most famous guy worldwide.

   b) Aleister Crowley

   He said "Every man is a star". This sentence goes perfectly with the SolarKult concept.

   c) Anton LaVey

   I appreciate his work for the rise of individualism, unfortunately he was too materialistic in my opinion.

   d) Varg Vikernes

   The last famous Scandinavian black metal murderer to be still in jail.

   10. Tantric texts say: "Drink and drink once again, fell to the ground and stand up to drink more only after that liberation can be achieved". Do you obey this sacred commandment? What is your relationship with Alcohol?

   This sacred commandment sounds pretty wise to me and can directly be compared to the Blacklodge spirit. Beyond the use of alcohol it is a whole philosophy of the abuse as the path of the insane to reach knowledge. A Forbidden path I associate with a Luciferian way of initiation, as it is the understanding of reality through ways to goes against biological order. Strictly talking about alcohol, it is my first love and a long, complex story that is only limited by physical damages, years of intensity caused.

   11. What are BLACKLODGE's future plans?

   To make gigs in order to promote our latest album.

   12. What can you say about homosexual gang rape? Don't you think it's pretty good punishment? Or are you the follower of another pedagogical methods?

   I guess some gay people won't consider it as a punishment but a blessing.

   13. Finish this fucking interview any way you want.

   Thank you for this interview and Hate the past.

Interview by Fr.N. Laudes & Fr.N. Euronimous